North Park Parking Garage / Auburn University, AL

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This parking garage is sited adjacent to a new dormitory community at the University, “The Village,” and provides much needed parking to students living in the dormitory, commuter students, faculty and staff, as well as parking for athletic events. The garage footprint is 120’ x 402’and includes a ground plus five elevated floors with a 7’4” minimum clearance. All 918 spaces of the garage are 9’ wide with 90 degree parking and a two-way drive isle. The garage utilizes a single ramp design incorporating a precast double “T” construction system with factory topping. Inlay brick and sand blasted accents were chosen for the exterior details to provide aesthetic compatibility with the surrounding campus architecture and work within the construction budget. The project also included security cameras, dry standpipe fire suppression equipment, extensive traffic and management control systems (with the capability to direct traffic to available parking spaces), an office, electric car charging stations, bike storage, intermodal applications, two elevators, LED lighting and emergency call stations.

North Park was originally designed by an A/E firm out of Atlanta, GA. After three months of design and architectural work, budget documents were finished, a budget was created and a construction loan was established. Prior to the closing of the construction loan, the financial markets began to collapse and the project was stopped. As a result, North Park Ownership felt a need to research cost saving methods and found W. Adrian Lovell, Jr., PE, Partner of SPS. Mr. Lovell discarded the previous design and started from scratch, with new engineering philosophies and techniques. He completed new, original working drawings in five weeks, a new budget was created and the job began. What was once a dead job, had sprung to life again and the resurrection was solely traceable back to Mr. Lovell and his ability to cut costs, improve efficiency and reduce the construction time line through a complete change in construction components. Mr. Lovell also brought unknown value and savings through his ability to specify the correct precast components for this project and negotiate precast components to the benefit of the project.