VA medical center parking garage / biloxi, ms

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This Design/Build, five-level, pre-cast concrete parking structure houses a total of 982 vehicles and is accompanied by an updated and reconstructed adjacent surface parking lot accounting for an additional 257 parking spaces. Architecturally, the new structure had to be compatible with surrounding historic structures, as well as new buildings under construction on site. Architectural compatibility was achieved by arched panel openings with railings surrounding the ground level and brick in-laid precast spandrel panels above, as well as on the four major corner circulation towers. The four circulation towers include a substantial amount of glazing allowing for observation out of and into these areas for both aesthetic reasons and improved security in line with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principals.

Cost Control: Our team reviewed the bridging documents, prepared by another Architectural firm. These documents called for the parking garage to be constructed with columns spaced at 24’ on center. Our team suggested that every other column be removed from the garage’s design; thus spacing columns at 48’ on center. The deleted columns were replaced with false column covers and the number of pieces and foundations needed to complete the project were cut in half. This modification to the original design saved our client approximately $1 million in construction costs. Also, the RFP called for lateral stabilization of the deck using a frame system. Our team suggested to the Owner that the system be switched to shear walls with openings, a simpler and more cost effective solution which saved a large amount of effort on the part of contractor.