Site Evaluation/Study and Planning Services for City Garages / Oxford, MS

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This site evaluation and study for the City of Oxford, Mississippi involved two sites owned by the City within the Downtown core area. The town square area which consists of businesses such as restaurants, retail shops, professional offices, governmental offices and County/Federal Courthouses is a popular, lively attraction where there is a substantial need for additional parking to support these urban business interests. The City's two sites are a block off of the town square. Our task was to study the two sites and determine the feasibility of parking garage development on each. This study involved developing efficient layouts within current zoning regulations and creating facades that fit contextually within the urban surroundings of the two sites. We also developed statements of probable cost for each scheme. Our study concluded with the creation of a colored rendering depicting the street facade of the selected site, which occurs immediately behind City Hall. This concept utilizes precast wall panels that articulate a scale that reflects typical storefronts around the square. "Green wall" systems are integrated into the concept between wall panels to soften the streetscape as well as provide an organic means of air filtration in a facility that produces high levels of carbon dioxide. Cost of the garage development ranged from a low of $10,992 / space to a high of $17,976 / space with variables based primarily on site constraints and property configuration.